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Treated Decking Garden Green 120 x 28 x 4800mm

Treated Decking Garden Green 120 x 28 x 4800mm

SKU: 10003697
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Our grooved decking boards are manufactured from softwood, then treated green making them safe for domestic and commercial use as well as protecting from the elements.


Our softwood decking boards are machined from high-quality joinery grade timber, assuring they will last longer and provide an extremely high-quality finish


Timber decking is an affordable way to transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space. Treated timber decking boards not only look amazing but also fit ideally into any garden without looking unnatural. To maximise the lifespan of the wooden decking, it is treated with a preservative to help prevent rot and insect infestation, so your tantalised timber decking will last for a long time


Softwood is particularly easy to install and it's simpler to work with than hardwood. Ideal if you're new to fitting decking.

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