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TDP Concrete & Screed Fibres 100g

TDP Concrete & Screed Fibres 100g

SKU: 10002619
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Fibre technology in concrete and screeding has been extensively used throughout the civil and construction industry for many years, but until now has been unavailable for the smaller project. At long last with TDP Concrete Fibres and Screed Fibres you can achieve a high quality finish with an excellent surface hardness improving resistance to wear and tear. The major benefit is that these fibres will help minimise shrinking which in turn will reduce cracking. Easy to use, just add to your mix, allow 1 to 2 minutes for admixing. TDP Concrete Fibres and Screed Fibres are made up of high tensile strength, polypropylene fibres, which disperse quickly and evenly when added into a mix of concrete or screed. 


  • Adds easily into mix, dispersing quickly and evenly
  • Strengthens bonding during curing stage, Reduces the need for remedial work
  • This product is ideal for: Industrial and domestic flooring, Concrete paths and driveways, Foundation bases
  • Conservatory floors, Under floor heating installations, Garage floors, Extension floors and Flood Repairs
  • These fibres are manufactured from polypropylene and will not cause irritation when handled. This product is chemically inert.
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