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SmartBoard Composite Decking Battleship Grey 138 x 20 x 3600mm

SmartBoard Composite Decking Battleship Grey 138 x 20 x 3600mm

SKU: 5902
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SmartBoard composite decking Battleship Grey with a matt brushed finish.


The boards are reversible ? ribbed on one side & smooth on the other.  SmartBoard composite decking is made of a mix of the residue from the manufacture of Oak flooring  ( 60% ), recycled dense polyethylene from shampoo bottles etc ( 30% ) and additives to help reduce expansion & contraction ( 10% ).


Smart Board Composite Plastic Wood Decking Boards

  • Low Risk of Slippage
  • Dosn't look or feel plastic
  • Lasting colour in 3 shades
  • Easy to maintain


Screws required: Each board required 20nr screws - these must be 63mm SmartBoard coloured decking screws.


Adding the finishing touches to your SmartBoard decking

The solid profile and special formulation of SmartBoard means it can be screw fixed just like timber decking. This allows you frame your deck for a stunning finish, more generally only possible with solid wood or traditional decking.

Top Tip: For a unique look, reverse your SmartBoard decking boards to create a smooth picture frame edge.


A choice of three contemporary colours

Stylish matt colours that will last for years to come.  Chocolate Brown is similar in appearance


Simple yet smart when it comes to install

SmartBoard is super easy to install and results in a lovely natural looking and feeling outdoor surface. SmartBoard is a composite deck with all the benefits of solid wood and traditional decking and more!


Installation Advice:

As SmartBoard contains a high percentage of natural wood fibres there may be variations in colour & finished appearance.  Once fitted & exposed to water & the sun SmartBoards will undergo a natural weathering process to a slightly lighter colour shade.


SmartBoard  will expand / contract approximately  + / ? 1mm per metre length or 3.6mm per 3.6m board.  A gap of 5mm must be left between parallel boards  & ends.  This gap should be increased to 10mm when adjacent to walls or buildings.


The SmartBoards should only be fixed with 63mm SmartBoard coloured decking screws as they have been made specially for SmartBoard, do not require a pilot hole & are designed to create a recess for the screw head.


Use 2 screws per joist, with a minimum of 20mm from a side or end.   The first groove on the ribbed side is ideal.


For domestic applications, the joist spacing should be a maximum of 400mm.


SmartBoard decking should be kept clean by regular sweeping & can be washed with warm soapy water, rinsing with clean water.


Pressure washers can be used with care.  Do not let the outlet nozzle get too close to the decking boards.  We recommend that a small inconspicuous test area is cleaned & allowed to dry before commencing to clean the whole deck.


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