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Sheathing Softwood Plywood 9mm x 1220 x 2440 mm

Sheathing Softwood Plywood 9mm x 1220 x 2440 mm

SKU: 10006197
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Softwood Plywood Sheets are manufactured from Spruce wood making it extremely light weight. Softwood Plywood is easy to work with when using conventional wood working tools. The face of softwood plywood is light coloured which gives the effect of a pine wood finish and can be painted or varnished to suit your needs. Softwood Plywood is lighter than many other sheet materials, which makes easy to install on site whilst maintaining its strength. It also has the characteristic to be resistant to humidity making it suitable for project where climate is an issue. Great weather proofing can also be achieved by using suitable waterproofing adhesive.

Key Features

  • Light and dimensionally stable
  • Strong and rigid
  • Can act simultaneously as load-bearing construction and stiffening element
  • Easy to machine and fasten using conventional woodworking tools and fasteners
  • Can withstand impacts and other forms of bruising
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available with square edges and tongue-and-groove profiles

Softwood Plywood has many great uses to offer including; floors, walls and roofs as well as internal vehicle body work, packaging, fencing, hoarding etc. Softwood Plywood can easily be cut to size using either a hand saw or electric saw. It accepts screws and nails well without splitting, wood adhesive can also be used to add extra strength. The face of the Softwood Plywood can be treated with a suitable water proofer where high moisture content may be an issue. Softwood Plywood can also be finished off with paint or varnish to suit the project.

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