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Plastic Combination Air Brick 9" x 3" Terracotta

Plastic Combination Air Brick 9" x 3" Terracotta

SKU: 10001062
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Airbrick provides a great solution which enables high levels of ventilation in cavity walls and in underfloor voids. The bricks unique properties means it deflects unwanted water and with a mortar key edge it allows the brick to be securely fixed to building fabric. This product is suitable to be used with gas appliances.

  • Provides high levels of ventilation into cavity walls and under floor voids
  • Provides 7,600mm2 of airflow per 9x3in airbrick
  • Can be stacked to produce 9x6in and 9x9in
  • The brick incorporates a front mounted grille to prohibit large insects gaining access but wide enough not to be blocked by debris, paint or water droplets
  • A mortar key around the edge of the airbrick ensures secure adhesion to the building fabric while a clip together facility provides a choice of ventilation sizes
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