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Legrand Synergy Shaver Socket 240-115v 730090

Legrand Synergy Shaver Socket 240-115v 730090

SKU: 10003445
VAT Included

Front plates: white thermoset.
Terminal screws captive and backed off ready for cabling.
Supplied with faceplate screw caps.
Conform to BS EN 61558-2-5 : 1998.
IP 24.
For use with European, British, American and Australian 2 pin plugs.
Screwless live and neutral terminals.
Double wound isolating transformer.
Automatic self-resetting overload feature.
Plug insertion operates microswitch which energises transformer.
Flush mounting back box: min. 47 mm deep.
Nominal plate dimensions: 146 x 86 mm.

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