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LBC Forterra Heather Facing Bricks 73mm (360pp)

LBC Forterra Heather Facing Bricks 73mm (360pp)

SKU: 2445
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High quality clay facing brick suitable for all applications.

  • Red
  • Light Texture
  • Subject to Availability


Type: Brick
Brand: London Brick Company
Range: Heather
Colour: Red
Manufacturing Process: Pressed
Configuration: 13-18% voids
Pack Quantity: 360
Water Absorption (%): 23
Applicable Standards: BS EN 771-1
Durability Rating: F1
Strength (N per mm2): 25
Texture: Sandfaced
Height: 73.0 mm
Width: 102.0 mm
Length: 215.0 mm
Weight: 2.1 kg
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