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Irwin G17 Supasnip Green

Irwin G17 Supasnip Green

SKU: 10001581
VAT Included

Precision-Formed Blades.
Cold formed blades are stronger for an extended cutting life. Requires less cutting force. Provides a longer cut per stroke.

Optimised Torsion Spring.
Consistent and smooth operation. Increased reliability and durability.

Safety Latch.
Comfortable to reach from handle position. Easy push-up and release. One-handed opening and closing.

Lower Serrated Blade.
Grips material to be cut. Provides a smoother, consistent cut. No double marked edges.

High-Strength Alloy Steel Spines.
Sustain greater pressure for cutting tougher materials. Increased life.

Compound Cutting Action.
Reduces force needed to cut. Decreased hand fatigue.

Solid Over-Moulded Soft-Grips.
Superior comfort and performance. Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue. Resists twisting of grip.

Left / Straight Cut
Cut Capacity: 1.19mm Sheet Metal

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