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Hammerite Brush Cleaner And Thinners  250Ml

Hammerite Brush Cleaner And Thinners 250Ml

SKU: 10001288
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The unique formulation of Hammerite products gives you the means of getting professional results when working on your vehicle?s paintwork. Because of these unique properties found in Hammerite metal paint, brushes and painting equipment, Hammerite have developed a brush cleaner that will compliment these products.


This brush cleaner and thinner works like any other cleaner in that you just need to pour the brush cleaner into a metal container and wash the used brush thoroughly. Once washed, rinse the brush in diluted detergent to keep the bristles soft.


As well as cleaning brushes, you can also use the formula for thinning Hammerite metal paint in preparation for spraying.


Designed for use with Hammerite Metal Paint. Comes in a 250ml tin.


The Hammerite range is designed to protect metalwork from humidity, rain and rust.

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