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Faithfull Insulated Drainage Shovel FAIINSDRAIN

Faithfull Insulated Drainage Shovel FAIINSDRAIN

SKU: 10001265
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These insulated tools conform to BS8020:2002 for working on or near live cable. They are individually tested to 10,000 volts, and guaranteed to 1,000 volts. All Faithfull insulated shovels and forks have a solid forged steel head to provide a long working life.


The insulated shaft is manufactured using a solid fibreglass core which is coated with an abrasive resistant orange polymer coating and features a YD handle and integrated safety hand stop for added protection.


Manufactured in accordance to BS 8020 and guaranteed to 1,000 volts.
Each tool individually flash tested to 10,000 volt.
Heavy -duty all steel solid socket heads.
Fibreglass shaft with large YD handle.
Integral hand grip and stop.
Individual coded for product traceability.


Drainage Shovel.

Designed for creating drainage channels, preparing trenches for drainage pipes, and for digging straight sided holes for fence posts.

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