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Faithfull Auto Start DIY Blow Torch FAIGZDIY

Faithfull Auto Start DIY Blow Torch FAIGZDIY

SKU: 10001253
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A high temperature, all-purpose gas torch designed for home use. Features include automatic piezo ignition, fine flame adjustment valve and a rapid one minute warm up. The blow torch has a highly ergonomic, shock-resistant polypropylene handle making it comfortable to use. For use with Faithfull Tools Butane Propane Mix Gas Cartridges (not included. Part nos. FAI GZ350, FAI GZ170).

Applications for the Faithfull Tools range of Gas Blowlamps and Torches are:
Soft Soldering, Aluminium Welding, Paint Stripping, Pipe Bending, Loosening Bolts, Defrosting Pipes, Brazing, Lighting Barbecues

? Automatic push button piezo ignition
? Rapid 1 minute warm up - use at any angle
? Max operating temperature 1600?C
? Optimum power output 1230 Watts
? Gas consumption 88 g/h
? EN417 Connection
? Gas category direct pressure Butane Propane mix
? Stability base included
? 5-year limited warranty

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