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Easy-trim Hip Accessory Kit 6m

Easy-trim Hip Accessory Kit 6m

SKU: 10001179
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To be used with the EasyRidge Ridge Kit. The Hip Accessory Kit is supplied with 26 x Short Leg Ratchet Clips, which can be used as an alternative to the long leg clips supplied with the Ridge Kit itself. These shorter clips can be used when fitting with tiles that sit low on the hip, such as Third Round or Marley Modern. They support the hip tile to produce a neat, continuous line on the roof.


  • Easy to fit - no special tools required
  • Water resistant - another barrier against water ingress
  • Strong and UV stable - lasts long and doesn't break down
  • Attractive - hip tiles look neat and straight
  • Secures roof and hip tile - supplied with aluminium tile and plastic ratchet clips


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