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Dritherm 37 Cavity Batts 75mm 4.37sqm 455x1200mm

Dritherm 37 Cavity Batts 75mm 4.37sqm 455x1200mm

SKU: 10001149
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DriTherm Cavity Slabs are semi-rigid or rigid slabs of non-combustible, glass mineral wool with a water-repellent additive. They are 455mm wide to suit standard vertical wall tie spacings, ensuring a closed joint with adjacent slabs. 
DriTherm Cavity Slabs are for the thermal insulation of masonry cavity external walls, either partially filling or fully filling the cavity. They are approved for use in buildings up to 12m high in any exposure zone and for use in multi-storey applications up to 25m in height.


Available in: 50mm, 75mm, 85mm, 100mm thicknesses. Others available on request



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