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Draintex Ground Stabilisation Non-Woven Membrane 4.5x100m

Draintex Ground Stabilisation Non-Woven Membrane 4.5x100m

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Draintex is a standard duty, non-woven drainage geotextile fabric with excellent drainage and filtration properties.  This drainage geotextile fabric has a stable but open structure making it ideal for lining trenches when constructing land (French) drains.  Draintex acts as a filter membrane, separating the aggregate from the soil, thus preventing the aggregate from mixing with the soil and reducing the efficiency and capacity of the drain.


Draintex is also used for wrapping soakaway and water attenuation crates in both small, domestic projects and large, commercial projects.  The high permeability of the fabric means water can percolate through whilst preventing the soakaway becoming silted up.  Draintex can be used as a ground stabilisation membrane beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore to form a stable base in many hard landscaping and civil engineering applications.

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