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Concrete Block Solid Lightweight 440 x 215 x 100mm 3.6N

Concrete Block Solid Lightweight 440 x 215 x 100mm 3.6N

SKU: 10000271
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Pack quantity 90



  • Light to medium weight units

  • Available in packs of 90

  • Manufactured from selected lightweight materials

  • Available in solid, cellular and hollow forms

  • General purpose all round performance units

  • Work Face 440mm x 215mm

  • Strengths 3.6 - 17.5 N/mm2

  • Strong background for plastering / rendering

  • Close texture finish available for walls built fair or painted

  • Manufactured to BS EN 771-3 and associated test standards



A general purpose masonry unit of low to medium density, available in strengths from 3.6N/mm2 to 17.5N/mm2. The standard unit has a textured face providing a good key which is ideal for plastering, dry lining and rendered finishes.

Interlyte Close Textured units are manufactured for walls built fair or painted. The colour of this unit is light to dark grey. 

Manufactured to BS EN 771-3 and associated test standards.



Interlyte masonry units are suitable for the following uses:-

  • Below DPC level including use in sulphate soil classes DS-1, DS-2 and DS-3, using  7.3N/mm2 strength Interlyte units.
  • Internal partition walls, loadbearing and non-loadbearing.
  • Outer and inner leaves of cavity walls, in conjunction with cavity insulation.
  • Loadbearing walls, masonry units available up to 17.5N/mm2 strength, suitable for construction up to 5 storeys depending on design.
  • Infill units for use in conjunction with concrete beam and block floors.
  • Close Textured units for walls built fair or painted.
  • Hollow units for walls requiring lateral force and retaining walls with vertical reinforcement in cores.
  • Separating and party walls in accordance with Part E Building Regulations, see heading Sound Insulation.



Available in Solid, Cellular and Hollow format. Face work size is 440mm x 215mm.
Tolerances as EN 771-3 Table 1, Tolerance category D1.
Unit length and height +3, -5mm. 
Unit width average +3, -5mm.



Relationship  of Density/Strength (Solid units).
EN772-13 Gross Dry Density - Category II Materials.
3.6N/mm2  - 1350 kg/m3.
7.3N/mm2  - 1450 kg/m3.
10.4N/mm2  - 1475 kg/m3 (to special order).
17.5N/mm2  - 1475 kg/m3 (to special order).

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