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Black Basalt 20mm Decorative Chippings Bulk Bag

Black Basalt 20mm Decorative Chippings Bulk Bag

SKU: 5856

This stunning 20mm Black Granite is becoming increasingly popular because it is hard-wearing and perfect for the use on driveways. It is perfect for making a bold statement in your garden and adding the wow factor. The stone reflects the light and will look beautiful in any garden to add style. Due to the durability of this stone it will remain looking beautiful in your garden for many years.


This gravel shows a grey colour when dry, yet reflects a beautiful black colour when wet; making this a versatile product. it is available as an angular gravel and is a naturally quarried product, which may result in variations of size and shape.


A dark grey angular chipping which appears jet black when wet.


Sizes 20mm
Color: Black
Shape: Angular
Rock Type: Basalt
Recycled: No



  • Available in: Bulk Bags (approx 1/2m3),  Poly Bags

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