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Chrome Plated Copper Tubing 15mm x 2m

Chrome Plated Copper Tubing 15mm x 2m

SKU: 10003002
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Chrome Plated Copper Tubing is a general purpose copper for above ground services, due to its half hard condition is easily manipulated and relatively light weight.


The rigidity of Chrome Plated Copper Tube allows for installation both in horizontal and vertical applications. It has an excellent resistance to corrosion coupled with high temperature and pressure ratings can be offered for a large variety of installs.


Chrome Plated Copper Tube has a relatively high water carrying capacity and because of this, for given flow rates smaller diameter pipework can be used than with any other materials.


Chrome Plated Copper Tube is predominantly used in such areas as kitchens or bath / shower rooms where there is a greater risk or corrosion due the environment and also the desire for an aesthetic finish.


  • Conforms to BS EN 1057 / BS EN 13349
  • Half Hard Condition - Suitable for Cold Bending & Forming
  • Suitable for Vertical or Horizontal Installation
  • Temperature rating -40degc upto 205degc
  • Naturally Inert, means unaffected by when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight
  • Excellent Corrosion resistance to most waters and gases
  • Suitable for Gas services
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