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Render Stainless Steel Stop Bead 13mm 3.0m

Render Stainless Steel Stop Bead 13mm 3.0m

SKU: 10002052
VAT Included

Plastering and rendering made simple.

  • Products simply fixed with plaster dabs or nails.
  • Edges, arrises, corners, joints and abutments all easier to form.
  • Designed to minimise potential chipping, cracking and associated damage.

Plaster stop bead (65mm Mesh Wing)

  • Provides a neat finish plaster/render edge wherever required.
  • Numerous applications internally and externally including those at openings, abutment of walls and for ceiling finishes.


Edge beads may be fixed by dabs or by masonry nails of similar material.
Plasterboard Edge Bead: Fix the perforated wing flush to the board face before applying final skim coat. The bead may be reversed if required by fixing the wing to the board's inner surface.

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