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Galvanised Expanded Metal Lathing Mesh 2400 x 686mm

Galvanised Expanded Metal Lathing Mesh 2400 x 686mm

SKU: 10001111

Ideal for use as a general reinforcement mesh. DML Expanded Metal Lathing is widely used as a backing to help prevent cracks occurring where different materials meet.

Available in galvanised and stainless steel.


  • All metal components used in any particular application must be of the same material type.
  • Fix with the mesh length running across the supports (at max 350 mm centres) with strand sloping downwards and away from the face of the coating.
  • Timber: Using 7mm headed plasterer's nails 38 mm long, or 32 x 2 mm staples, fix to each support starting from the centre of sheet.
  • Angle fixings away from the centre to give the lath the necessary tension.
  • Steel: Bend 1.2 mm tying wire into long U shapes and tie lath at 100mm centres by pulling tight and twisting. When cutting wire ends, ensure that they are not left near the surface of the plaster.
  • Sheet ends should be overlapped by 50 mm on supports and wired together at 150 mm centres.
  • Sheet sides should be overlapped by a minimum of 25 mm and wired together at 150 mm centres in timber and steel applications.

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