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Softwood TGV Cladding / Matchboarding 20 x 120 x 4200m

Softwood TGV Cladding / Matchboarding 20 x 120 x 4200m

SKU: 10006061
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Tongue & groove V cladding is perfect for many external & internal applications such as sheds, garages, cabins, walls, panelling and many other applications. Cladding boards have been machined to form a tongue & groove fixing with V joint that gives a pleasing look to the whole structure. Tongue & groove cladding boards are made from quality softwood which can be stained, varnished or painted depending on the project.

Key features

  • Excellent quality softwood
  • Tongue & groove V joint
  • Minimal knots
  • Minimal warp, twist or shatter
  • Can be painted, varnished or stained

Important noteTongue & groove V cladding is manufactured from high quality softwood however its highly recommended to use appropriate wood preservative to ensure long life durability.

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