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Bostik Damp-Proofer & Waterproofer 5L Aquaprufe

Bostik Damp-Proofer & Waterproofer 5L Aquaprufe

SKU: 10000258
VAT Included

This Bostik damp proofer is free from solvents, so there's no need to wear a mask or open windows when you're using it. It covers up to 1.25 m? per litre if you're covering a wall, and up to 2 m? if you're doing a floor. You'll end up with a flexible emulsion coating that won't crack even with heavy usage. Once cured, you can overcoat it with plaster or flooring screed.

? Can be applied to damp surfaces
? Must be over-coated with plaster or flooring screed
? Does not need a primer
? Suitable for interior and exterior use
? Solvent-free
? Perfect for preventing water ingress in walls and floors

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