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Cementone Mortar Plasticiser 5L

Cementone Mortar Plasticiser 5L

SKU: 10000365
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Bostik Cementone Mortar Plasticiser 5 Litres White improves the workability without the addition of lime. It helps to reduce grittiness to provide a smooth and easy-to-work mortar with improved durability. This product also helps to minimise cracking and crazing. It is suitable for usage in improving mortars for applications such as bricklaying, blockwork, and rendering.


Features & benefits

  • Minimises cracking even under damp conditions
  • Reduces water content of mortar which provides durability
  • Workable without lime
  • High performance waterproofer that penetrates deep below the surface
  • Reduced water movement through the structure
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