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Concrete Block Hollow 440 x 215 x 215mm 7.3N

Concrete Block Hollow 440 x 215 x 215mm 7.3N

SKU: 10000273
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Pack quantity is 40



  • Manufactured from Natural Aggregates

  • Available in packs of 40

  • High Strengths 7.3 - 22.5N/mm2

  • High Density - Excellent Sound Reduction

  • Available in Solid, Cellular, Hollow Forms

  • Work face 440mm x 215mm

  • Strong background for Plastering/Rendering

  • Close Textured finish available for walls built fair or painted

  • Robust all round Masonry Block

  • Manufactured to EN 771-3 & associated test standards



A high strength, high-density block manufactured using natural aggregates. Available in strengths from 7.3N/mm2 to 22.5N/mm2. Available in solid, cellular and hollow forms, having a textured face ideal for plastering, rendering and dry lining. Colour is concrete buff. A Close Textured (Class 1) ex- Gainsborough and Close Textured (Class 2) ex-Syston is available for walling to receive a paint finish or built fair and left.

Manufactured to EN 771-3 & associated test standards.



Intercrete masonry units are suitable for the following uses:-

  • Below DPC level including use in sulphate soil classes DS-1, DS-2 and DS-3. For use in soil classes DS-2 and DS-3, 7.3N/mm2 strength Intercrete units should be used.
  • Outer and inner leaves of external cavity walls in conjunction with cavity insulation.
  • Internal partition walls - load and non-load bearing.
  • Separating/and party walls in accordance with Part E Building Regulations, see heading Sound Insulation.
  • Infill units in conjunction with concrete beam and block floors. 
  • Close Textured units for walls built fair or painted.
  • Retaining walls, reinforced vertically in cores of hollow units.



Available in Solid, Cellular and Hollow format. 
Face work size is 440 mm x 215 mm.
Tolerance as BS EN 771-3, Table 1, Tolerance category D1.
Unit length and height +3, -5mm.
Unit width average +3, -5mm.



Relationship of Density/Strength (Solid Units).
EN772-13 Gross Dry Density - Category II Materials.
7.3 N/mm2 - 2000 kg/m3.
10.4, 17.5 + 22.5 N/mm2  - 2050 kg/m3 (17.5 + 22.5 N/mm2 to special order)

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