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At Melbros, we have been supplying the public and trade garden and landscaping supplies for over 25 years and we can offer everything you need to give your garden a brand new look.

So whether you are a professional landscaper or looking to bring a fresh look to your garden & driveway then Melbros has everything you need.

Decorative Pebbles and Chippings

Melbros stock a huge range of chippings and pebbles, there's a wide selection of colours, style and sizes to choose from. Feel free to peruse the selection we have available from Stonemarket as there is something for all taste available.

For our selection of building sands, aggregates and chippings click here.


All chippings are availble in bulk bags (approx 1 tonne) or poly bags (approx 20kg).

Blue Slate Chippings 20mm
Cotswold Chippings
Derbyshire White
Welsh Green Chippings
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Spanish White Chippings
Terracotta Chippings
Golden Blend Chippings 20mm
Multi-Mix Chippings
Golden Blend Chippings 10mm
Blue Slate Chippings 40mm
Plum Slate Chippings 40mm
Sea Shore 20mm
Cornish Spar Chippings
Atlantic Shingle 14mm
Flamingo White Chippings
Green Slate Chippings
Sea-washed 10mm
Apricot Pebbles
Sea-worn 40mm
Black Polished Pebbles
Atlantic Pebbles 25mm
Atlantic Pebbles 40mm
Spanish White Pebbles
Atlantic Cobbles 80mm
Spanish White Cobbles
Atlantic Cobbles 120mm
Slate Paddlestones
Pacific Paddlestones Outsize
Pacific Paddlestones Large
Mountain Green Rockery
Plum Slate Rockery
Purbeck Buff Rockery
Cotswold Drystone Walling
Natural Thin Slate Walling
Natural Cut Slate Walling
Atlantic Cobbles and Boulders
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