Melbros have been providing building supplies to the trade and the public for over 25 years and we continue to supply the best brands & manufacturers in the building trade at competitive prices.


Melbros stock a large selection of facing bricks, engineering bricks and special bricks.

Engineering Bricks
65mm Blue Perforated Class B
65mm Blue Solid Class B
65mm Red Perforated Class B
65mm Red Solid Class B
73mm Blue Perforated Class B
73mm Blue Solid Class Bd
73mm Red Perforated Class B
73mm Red Solid Class B
Facing Bricks
LBC Heather Brick
LBC Windsor Brick
LBC Rustic Brick
LBC Tudor Brick
LBC Chiltern Brick
LBC Dapplelight Brick
LBC Saxon Gold Brick
LBC Cotswold Brick
Northcot Mellow Red
Terca Kasssandra Brick
Terca Olde Welwyn Brick
Terca Olde Woodford Brick
Terca Pembridge Red
Terca Oast Russet Sovereign Stock
Terca Kenilworth Antique
Ibstock Aldridge Multi Rustic
Ibstock Walmley Red
Ibstock Multi Grey Rustic
Ibstock Parkhouse Mellow Ashridge Stock
Ibstock Bradgate Harvest Antique
Northcot 73mm Traditional Smooth Red Multi
Ibstock 65mm Tudor Brown Blend
Ibstock 65mm Staffordshire Smooth
Ibstock 65mm Himley Kinver Saffron
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